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Just Who Is ANZAA?

ANZAA is a social group for Australians, New Zealanders, and Americans, based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, in the state of Minnesota. ANZAA is open to all with an interest in the  Australian and New Zealand way of life and their culture and history.

ANZAA has been bringing Australians, New Zealanders, and Americans together since 1972

Say G’day and join us for our Australia Day/Waitangi Day dinner celebration, ANZAC Day, wine & cheese tastings, book group, picnics, Melbourne Cup, afternoon teas, concerts and other social activities scheduled throughout the year.


The Down Under Club started intermittently in the early 70’s when group of expats from Australia and New Zealand working for Minnesota Companies like 3M, Control Data & University of Minnesota.

On ANZAC day April 25th 1972 the Down Under Club officially incorporated with bylaws and a board.

In the seventies Australian wine was very hard to come by the Consulate General in Chicago would send wine and other australian items to the Down Under Club for their events at no charge, and of course the Cousul General would show up yearly to attend the event and also do any passport or counselor duties need by the group.

In the 90s the Down Under Club and ANZAA merged, ANZAA was the Chamber of Commerce side of the Down Under Club the combined Association took the name ANZAA that better reflected the represented cultures of Australia and New Zealand.

Today ANZAA is a thriving community of expats from Australia and New Zealand and local Americans joined together in their common love of the Lands down under.